Abroad Student--Collen Falvey (Jerusalem)
I studied abroad in 2012. I went to Argentina and really enjoyed it. Then I came back and changed my major to religious studies, and I found out about this excavation that our school holds, so I saved up a bunch of money and went. Learn more about: Abroad Student--Collen Falvey (...
Abroad Student--Andrew Gibbs (Japan)
I found out about it through my Japanese teacher’s assistant during my freshman year. At the time, I did not know that such a program existed at UNC Charlotte (or that study abroad was a thing you could do in college in general). I always wanted to visit Japan, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go and check out what the study abroad experience was like. Learn more about: Abroad Student--Andrew Gibbs (Japan)
Kaitlyn Chapman--Levine Scholars Program
I began my freshman year at UNC Charlotte seeking out environmentally related student organizations and community service activities. My passion for sustainability began at a young age (I grew up on a small sheep farm), and it later developed into a desire to understand how our society operates and how we can more efficiently use our resources and technology. Once on campus, I became involved... Learn more about: Kaitlyn Chapman--Levine Scholars Program
Samantha Glenn--Charlotte Research Scholars
As a Charlotte Research Scholar, my main priority was to make a significant impact on a research study as well grow and expand as an individual. I wanted to obtain success within the research field as well as in my future career path. By partaking in this program, I learned that the skills I obtained would assist me in graduate school as a student researcher, as an Occupational Therapist, and if... Learn more about: Samantha Glenn--Charlotte Research...
Chelsea Matson--Charlotte Research Scholars
Throughout my time as both a Research Assistant and a Charlotte Research Scholar, I have learned several valuable skills that are necessary for furthering your education and distinguishing yourself as you either apply to graduate schools or enter the career world. Getting involved with undergraduate research has really shown me what means to do research in the field of psychology. For people... Learn more about: Chelsea Matson--Charlotte Research...
Joseph Henning--Charlotte Research Scholars
My project was called: Characterization and Modeling of A Sprint Cup Race Car. During the course of the summer, I measured suspension components on a Sprint Cup Car and used the measurements to build a computer simulation of the car going around a track, starting from a simple base simulation of a generic car and updating it to be a realistic model of a Cup Car. I think the key to success for me... Learn more about: Joseph Henning--Charlotte Research...
Global Local Student--Samantha O'Neil
My freshmen year I completed the Freshman Enrichment Seminar on campus with a focus in international awareness. Through the professor, Dr. Christina Sanchez, I was able to get a job with the Office of International Programs (OIP). This was in 2011, and I am still with the OIP. I currently work with the Administration Office as well as Intercultural Outreach Programs, which works with short-term... Learn more about: Global Local Student--Samantha O'...
Lizeth Hernandez--Charlotte Research Scholars
Lizeth Hernandez did not always love chemistry, but she was good at it in high school. As a sophomore at North Mecklenburg High School, her Chemistry teacher recommended her for Project SEED, a summer fellowship that enables under-represented high school students to conduct research with a mentoring scientist. Project SEED placed Lizeth in Dr. Dan Rabinovich’s lab at UNC Charlotte in the summer... Learn more about: Lizeth Hernandez--Charlotte Research...
Tess Overton--UNC Charlotte Department of Biological Sciences

UNC Charlotte Department of Biological Sciences undergraduate researcher: Tess Overton

Learn more about: Tess Overton--UNC Charlotte Department...
Hannah Barnhardt--Adult Student Experience
I chose Charlotte because it was familiar to me. I went to UNC at Charlotte right out of high school, and I am familiar with the surroundings. It was more affordable at the time rather than going further away to Chapel Hill or another school. Learn more about: Hannah Barnhardt--Adult Student...
Sarahan Moser- Transfer Student

Name: Sarahan Moser

Year: Sophomore

Major: English and German double major

Why did you chose to transfer to UNC Charlotte?

Learn more about: Sarahan Moser- Transfer Student
Nickysha Mckoy--Adult Student Experience
​​I had some trouble being in the large lecture classrooms and having to learn alongside students who were younger all the time. I also had difficulty with the technology aspect and working with computers. I work full-time, as well as being a full-time student and taking care of my family. Learn more about: Nickysha Mckoy--Adult Student Experience
Abroad Student-- Sarahan Moser (Paris)

Name: Sarahan Moser

Year: Sophomore

Major: English and German double major

Year of Trip: Summer 2016

Learn more about: Abroad Student-- Sarahan Moser (Paris)
International Student--Charles Rose (The Bahamas)
​I struggled with math in the beginning. The US has more AP classes to help students get to the college-level, and I had to play catch up and try to get to the same level of classes as the other students. I also had to take on more responsibility for my own classwork. The teachers in the Bahamas worked with the students more. Learn more about: International Student--Charles Rose (...
Alysa Smith- Niner GPS

Alysia Smith, Sophomore


What is your major? Political Science and Criminal Justice


Why did you choose UNC Charlotte?

 It was close to my extended family.


Learn more about: Alysa Smith- Niner GPS
International Student--Jingjing Zhao (China)
​I always wanted to find a school to challenge my education, and I heard that UNC Charlotte would fill that role as a school. I also ​wanted to learn skills to help me in my career and give back to my community. I also wanted great academic standing and practice my leadership skills. Learn more about: International Student--Jingjing Zhao (...
Kenia Rios--ReadWriteServe Programs
I have always loved working with children, and I’ve had experiences working with children through volunteering with KIPP Charlotte, Elon Homes... Learn more about: Kenia Rios--ReadWriteServe Programs
Marjorie “Ozzi” Clement-Oszman--Adult Student Experience
I chose UNC Charlotte because of cost and the proximity to Atlanta; I was interested in theatre/the arts. Charlotte was becoming a major player in the banking industry, and I knew that interest in the arts usually start to climb where there is money. When I was in Virginia, the tax structure is set up where you pay a lot more for college (four times as much—I was paying $1,000 for one community... Learn more about: Marjorie “Ozzi” Clement-Oszman--Adult...
Bailey Allen--Levine Scholars Program
I chose the Levine Scholars Program for many reasons. This program enables me to attend college and pursue my lifelong aspiration of becoming a doctor. It does so by providing connections within the Charlotte community for experiences such as summer internships and opportunities for me to stay actively engaged through volunteering. Learn more about: Bailey Allen--Levine Scholars Program
Abroad Student--James Clark (Hong Kong)
I looked at study abroad as an opportunity to not only find new experiences as a person, but also to look at the world in different perspectives than I have before. It's also very important when you’re looking at building a career and attracting future employers to who you are and what you are about. I personally believe that you're more than a resume. You have to really build on your experiences... Learn more about: Abroad Student--James Clark (Hong Kong)
FBI Honors Internship Program
The FBI Honors Internship Program is a paid internship that offers undergraduates, graduates, or post-doctorate students throughout the country an exciting insider’s view of FBI operations and a chance to explore career opportunities within the Bureau. For ten weeks, students will work side-by-side with FBI employees at select Field Office locations and FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC, side-by... Learn more about: FBI Honors Internship Program
Mickey Leland Energy Fellow Program (MLEF)
The Mickey Leland Energy Fellow Program is a 10-week summer internship which provides opportunities for students who are pursuing degrees in science, technology (IT), engineering, or mathematics (STEM majors). The goal of the program is to improve opportunities for minority or female students in these fields, but all eligible candidates can apply. Students selected will participate in focused... Learn more about: Mickey Leland Energy Fellow Program (...
Greek Life
Did you know that studies show that campus involvement while in college can lead to better academic performance and a greater likelikhood of completing a degree? Going Greek is chance for students to connect with others around the UNC Charlotte campus and the community, gain support, and improve their leadership experience. Learn more about: Greek Life
ReadWriteServe Programs
The ReadWriteServe Programs bring together UNC Charlotte and community-based resources to address the literacy needs of students and their families. Through service, research, and community-based programs, more than 1,150 UNC Charlotte students and staff have worked with over 1,800 K-12 students in the Charlotte region. Students within this program gain a hands-on experience through internships... Learn more about: ReadWriteServe Programs
UNC Charlotte International Festival
The UNC Charlotte International Festival is a wonderful chance for the community to become familiar with cultures different from their own. UNC Charlotte international students and members of Charlotte’s international community staff booths which feature arts, crafts, and costumes from each participating country. The festival also features music and dance, face painting, international food for... Learn more about: UNC Charlotte International Festival
The Environmental Assistance Office (EAO)
The Environmental Assistance Office allows students and faculty to address environmental issues with state and regional agencies, small businesses, and engineering practitioners. Each year, EAO provides 15 or more student employees opportunities to get involved through Student Research Teams. These multi-institutional teams work on projects addressing real-world problems with a focus on... Learn more about: The Environmental Assistance Office (...
Women + Girls Research Alliance
Founded in 2006 and integrated into UNC Charlotte in 2010, the Women + Girls Research Alliance is a community-based organization whose goal is to make a difference in our community through leaders and activists to improve the lives of women and girls in the Charlotte region. Learn more about: Women + Girls Research Alliance
Undergraduate Research Conference
One way for you to participate in and share experiences with undergraduate research is by becoming involved in the annual UNC Charlotte Undergraduate Research Conference (URC). In the Spring Semester, undergraduates from all majors and all levels will have a chance to share research projects with professors, peers, and other members of the UNC Charlotte community. Learn more about: Undergraduate Research Conference
UNC Charlotte Gardens
The UNC Charlotte botanical gardens are a great place to take a relaxing stroll and clear your mind while learning more about plant life. The goal of the gardens is to promote the knowledge and appreciation of plants for educational, environmental, and aesthetic purposes, both for the campus and the greater Charlotte community. Though the gardens are ran by a professional staff, students are... Learn more about: UNC Charlotte Gardens
Student Advising for Freshmen Excellence (SAFE)
SAFE allows for a smooth transition for students during their first year of college! Through mentoring with upperclassmen, academic support with the office of Multicultural Academic Services, and social networking, SAFE participants are able to achieve their academic goals while also forming skills for future success once they have graduated. For more information about SAFE and how you can get... Learn more about: Student Advising for Freshmen...
International Coffee Hour
Do you enjoy socializing and meeting new people? Have you always wondered what the international experience is like but are unable to study abroad at the present time? Do you enjoy relaxing with a nice cup of coffee or other beverage? Learn more about: International Coffee Hour
University Transition Opportunities Programs (UTOP)
UTOP assists underrepresented students and their transition from high school to college. Through a six-week summer collegiate experience, incoming UNC Charlotte freshmen build upon the scholastic abilities of the students through college courses and contacts with university academic support services! Learn more about: University Transition Opportunities...
Global Gateways | Global Living on Campus
The Global Gateways Program is an amazing chance to enhance your cultural awareness while exploring issues and curiosities on an international level. Located in House 6 of Greek Village, the Gateways House brings together twenty-eight female students from the U.S. and other various countries. Though students will not receive academic credit for their participation in the program, there are... Learn more about: Global Gateways | Global Living on...
Producing Readiness of Diverse University Cohorts in Education (PRODUCE)
The PRODUCE program is designed to recruit, retain, and graduate underrepresented students majoring in one of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Though the PRODUCE program offers assistance to all UNC Charlotte students, there is a special emphasis on recruiting and assisting African-American, Native-American, and Hispanic-American students. Learn more about: Producing Readiness of Diverse...
Phi Beta Delta Society
In 1987, UNC Charlotte was invited to join the Phi Beta Delta Society as a charter member, and they have been conducting annual induction of new members every year since. The purpose of the society is to recognize the experience in areas of international education exchange and/or international scholarships while providing networks with staff and students involved in global aim. Learn more about: Phi Beta Delta Society
Building Better Brothers (B3)
The Building Better Brothers program is designed to increase the retention and graduation rates of minority and underrepresented males. The main goal of B3 is to produce graduates who achieve academically, are prepared for post graduate life, and can make positive contributions to the campus and greater communities! Learn more about: Building Better Brothers (B3)
Global Village Learning Community (LC)
If you are involved in one of the social science majors, interested in a career involving international connection, or have a passion for other people and cultures, then the Global Village Learning Community may be for you! Learn more about: Global Village Learning Community (LC)
Honors College
The Honors College at UNC Charlotte offers the personal and intellectual advantages of a small liberal arts college within the diversity of a large university to academically talented, enthusiastic, and motivated students! Learn more about: Honors College
Urban Agriculture Program in South Africa
This program focuses on the political, economic, and social aspects of food production, distribution, and consumption in the Western Cape region of South Africa, and engages students in Cape Town and Stellenbosch organizations dedicated to providing food access for economically vulnerable populations. Learn more about: Urban Agriculture Program in South...
Learning Community Program
UNC Charlotte’s Learning Community Program seeks to enhance undergraduates’ first year through student focused communities which promote growth and learning through curricular and co-curricular activities. Learn more about: Learning Community Program
49er Democracy

The 49er Democracy Experience brings together civic-minded faculty, students, and community partners in an effort to educate the UNC Charlotte community about civic engagement. With 49er Democracy, you can:

Learn more about: 49er Democracy
Amgen Scholars Program
The Amgen Scholars Program provides undergraduates with hands-on research experience at some of the world’s leading educational institutions. During the summer, undergraduates undergo faculty-mentored summer research opportunities in science and engineer fields. For more information about the Amgen Scholars Program and how to apply, visit their website. Learn more about: Amgen Scholars Program
Carolina Healthcare System Summer Scholars
The Carolina Healthcare System Summer Scholars program focuses on summer research with students who have a strong interest in patient-centered translational research. Summer scholars will work closely with mentors who are preforming original research in the clinics or laboratories of Carolinas HealthCare System. Students will be required to attend weekly meetings and share their research plans... Learn more about: Carolina Healthcare System Summer...
J. Murrey Atkins Library
After months of reading, writing, and test-taking, we are in the final stretch of this semester. During this time, professors will assign research-based papers and projects which will require you to demonstrate your understanding of key concepts learned in class. Research-based assignments can be tough, but it can be made easier if you take advantage of all the resources available at the J.... Learn more about: J. Murrey Atkins Library
Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies
Since 2009, the department of global, international and area studies has offered a minor in Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Studies. Students will have to opportunity to examine the social, behavioral, and cultural origins of genocide and mass violence and better understand their consequences and legacies. The minor is closely related to the department’s center for HGHR Studies, which... Learn more about: Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights...
Office of Disability Services (DS)
The goal of the Office of Disability Services is to provide students who have disabilities with access to academic programs and other campus facilities. By providing access, DS hopes to promote student success and enhance their educational experiences. Learn more about: Office of Disability Services (DS)
Students Obtaining Success (SOS)

Students Obtaining Success (SOS) is a rehabilitation program for students who have found themselves on academic probation due to poor academic performance. Poor academic performance can be caused by many factors, including health problems and family issues.

Learn more about: Students Obtaining Success (SOS)
Student Health Center
The UNC Charlotte Student Health Center provides medical care, disease prevention, health education, wellness promotion, and various specialty services to all registered UNC Charlotte students, regardless of the type of health insurance they carry. Learn more about: Student Health Center
Office of Adult Students and Evening Services (OASES)
The Office of Adult Students and Evening Services assists in recruiting and retaining a diverse student population by providing academic advice and support to prospective and enrolled adult, evening, and weekend students. OASES offers the 49er Finish program, re-entry programs, advising, scholarships, a mentoring program, deliver and pickup services, and two honor societies for adults. Learn more about: Office of Adult Students and Evening...
Charlotte 49ers Athletic Academic Center
The Charlotte 49ers Athletic Academic Center (AAC) assists all varsity athletes in achieving academic and personal success. The AAC provides support services that are designed to meet the needs of student athletes and to ensure student-athlete compliance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Atlantic 10 Conference, and university regulations. Learn more about: Charlotte 49ers Athletic Academic Center
UNC Charlotte Counseling Center
The UNC Charlotte Counseling Center provides various counseling and consultation services for students. These services can address the following common concerns: personal issues, relationship issues, developmental issues, academic concerns, and various other issues (ranging from sexual assault to body images to spiritual concerns). Learn more about: UNC Charlotte Counseling Center
Dean of Students Office
Campus life can be hard to navigate, especially in a new environment, but the Dean of Students Office is here to help! Through various services including help with withdrawal, excused absences or incompletes, volunteer work, and how to get involved in student leadership opportunities, the Dean of Students Office promotes academic success for all students while nurturing your ability to think... Learn more about: Dean of Students Office
University Career Center
Located within Academic Affairs, the University Career Center provides an extensive approach to career preparation and experience. The Center supports academic and career goals through internships, cooperative education, externships, and community service internships and projects. This allows students to receive information about these opportunities, gain training/knowledge, and get the... Learn more about: University Career Center
The Urban Institute

Formed in 1969, the Urban Institute is a nonpartisan applied research community outreach center at UNC Charlotte.

The Urban Institute provides a wide range of services, including:

Learn more about: The Urban Institute
Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA)

The Volunteer Program Assessment is an online volunteer assessment system which collects information from volunteers about their feelings and reactions to organizational processes, behaviors, demographics, etc. This allows volunteers to know how their organization is excelling and where there is room for improvement.

Learn more about: Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA)
Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity, but what if you wanted to do something other than strictly studying during your time abroad? This is where GoinGlobal comes to the rescue! Similar to the University Career Center’s employment database, GoinGlobal offers more than 10,000 pages of constantly updated career and internship opportunities for you. Learn more about: GoinGlobal