The international is no longer “out there.” As UNC Charlotte students and Charlotte residents, we are all part of larger international processes that connect us to people, goods, and ideas from all over the world. 

During your time at UNC Charlotte, explore international connections on campus through world-class academic programming and social activities; engage with international businesses, organizations, and cultural groups located in the Charlotte area; and examine global issues and solutions first-hand by studying abroad through one of UNC Charlotte’s top-notch programs. 


Research demonstrates that international exposure will develop and strengthen your ability to ease conflicts and misunderstandings, communicate with and appreciate people who have diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and to navigate an increasingly global, interconnected world. By exploring international experiences at UNC Charlotte, you will learn not only about the world around you beyond the classroom, but also about your place and potential in this world. Don’t be left behind and embrace challenges! Stake your claim to global citizenship!